Claire & Ethan

Scottish wedding on the Sunshine Coast! We love an accent and there is none better than a Scottish. Based at Flaxton Gardens in the hinterland on the Sunshine Coast there was every chance this day was going to be special and it sure didn’t disappoint. There is always love in the air when we film weddings and for Claire and Ethan the love was as high as the Clouds looking over the beaches of the Sunny Coast from the Stunning view up at Flaxton.

Ethan and his boys got ready in the room above the Gardens with a very special kind of suit prepared for them to wear for the big day. KILTS! how good! Possibly the only time it is acceptable for the boys to take longer than the girls getting ready, it was simply epic filming the gents strap on their kilts, laces and blades and they certainly pulled it off.

Just Around the corner and down to the summit we found the beautiful bride herself staying at the picturesk country side accommodation ‘the summit’ . Claire and her girls were living it up and soaking it all in when we arrived and when Claire slipped into her gorgeous dress our cameras couldn’t get enough.

We head back up to the gardens to where the altar has one of the best view you can find of the Sunshine Coast and today the weather was absolutely perfect to be looking over it. With the boys looking quite dapper donning their kilts, the girls looked perfect walking through the gates and down the aisle for a wonderful ceremony hosted by the amazing Kathleen from first class celebrant. With a few laughs and a few tears the exchanging of vowels and rings between Claire and Ethan was perfect and after their first kiss we had an awesome celebration walking back down the Aisle, rose petals and all.

In the Hinterland of the Sunshine Coast a location shoot in the afternoon and with the sun setting it is always fun to find amazing spots to shoot. We headed back to the summit accommodation to catch some time with the wedding party and some one on one time with the new married couple. The sun did its thing as it made its way over the hills and with a few snacks and some bubbly it was a really fun afternoon.

When we arrived back at Flaxton Gardens the team there had it looking fantastic and with Kombi Photo Booth set up on the grass it could not have been a better start to the reception. It is Scottish tradition for the new married couple to greet all the guests as they head inside and after everyone had found there seats the MC announced the wedding party. Huge wooden doors open up to the cheering crowd for the beautiful bridesmaids and groomsmen followed by the lucky couple themselves embracing in a sneaky kiss as the doors opened for them.

Time for food, drinks and speeches…….. BUT WAIT, the fire alarm has gone off in the kitchen and everyone has had to make their way out the back of Falxton to the Garden where hang on a second there was no fire in the kitchen………. Surprise fireworks! What a show. Claire and Ethan standing front and centre were absolutely blown away with this surprise and surrounded by friends and family everybody embraced the moment.

After the amazing fireworks show everyone headed back inside to enjoy the rest of the speeches and with a cutting of the cake it was time to dance. The red tie band put on a great show for everyone to boogie too for the rest of the night and not long